The technology trends in hospitality you need to know

As the hospitality sector and the world moves towards a more touch-free society, new technological innovations have gained traction to keep people safe. TIME Hotels director of IT Joseph Fayad has run down the latest trends in technology, explaining how they can keep you safe and keep you ahead of competitors.

“COVID-19 has undoubtedly accelerated the need to invest in technology to appeal to today’s digitally-savvy online travel consumer.

The implementation of immersive technologies that provide guests with virtual 3D tours, apps that allow them to enter their hotel room, change the temperature, call the elevator, book excursions and order room services will be vital in helping hotels recover and stand out from their competitors,” said Fayad.

Contactless technology, enhanced hotel software systems, integrated guest applications, and smart guest rooms are another handful of trends Fayad highlighted.

Fayad’s TIME Hotels has excelled in these areas, having rolled out digital menus, its own mobile app and a digital format for room controls and restaurant bookings.

According to Fayad, one of TIME’s most successful changes has been its mobile app which has in turn boosted direct bookings. Guest satisfaction is also addressed through a software tool that allows the guest services team to instantly manage all guest requests and problems by assigning the appropriate department to carry out any actions required.

“Staff training and advancing the careers of those within TIME Hotels has been one of the fundamentals of our success over the years.

With a new wave of technology entering the industry, it is imperative we have the people in place to recognise and implement the changes to stay ahead of the competition,” said Fayad.

Fayad is also going to lend a hand in digital training of the TIME Hotels workforce so that each of them can better implement new operational strategies for the modern age.


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